Axcel Clear Targets Doc's Choice Archery Lenses

Scope Size

Product Description


  • Clear Targets offers Doc’s Choice - a superior line of lenses developed by an optometrist for Axcel
  • The Crizal® Lens, by Essilor, with its special 9-step coatings (on both sides of the lens) eliminates glare and reflections, repels water, dirt, smudges and oil, and resists scratching.
  • The same quality lenses used by optometrist for eyewear
  • Crizal® lens offers the most enduring clarity of vision.
  • Clear Targets cuts each polycarbonate, shatter-proof lens in their lab, guaranteeing a true optical center for exact visual clarity with no distortions.
  • The "AX41" lenses will fit our X-41, AX41 scopes and the Armortech series of sights (The Vision series cannot accept a lens), the lens will also fit in other manufacturers scopes that can accept lenses that are 1-3/4" (44.5mm).
  • A lens MUST be used with a lens frame when used with an AXCEL product, failure to do so can cause the lens to rattle in the housing.