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X330 Crossbow w/ Base Package (Camo)

CamX Crossbows

Product Description

CAMX Crossbows are built with the serious hunter in mind. With deadly accuracy, the compact and lightweight design of CAMX Crossbows means that hours in the field – or in the stand – keep your attention where it should be: on the hunt.


  • MONOBLOC SCOPE BASE Supreme accuracy begins with a strong foundation. The Weaver®-style based Monobloc is precision machined from solid aircraft aluminum to create rock solid scope mounting.
  • COMFORTEK STOCK Never has a crossbow stock done so much and felt so good. Comfortek features adjustable length of pull, dual carry handles, built-in accessory insert and is configured to lay perfectly in your lap for long hours on stand.
  • CROSSBOW SLING MOUNT The sling mount allows you to attach our Lo Ready sling to keep your crossbow ready for instant access while freeing both hands for glassing, calling, rattling, and hiking.
  • BALLISTIC LIMB TIPS Ballistic Limb Tips evenly spread the force load over the entire width of the limb, providing less twist and increased strength and consistency while protecting the fiberglass limb.
  • ARMOR TUFF LIMBS Armor Tuffs are the strongest crossbow limbs available today. Laminated glass skins are applied to both sides of the limb covering all exposed fibers. Although expensive, no other method of limb construction provides the same level of accuracy and durability
  • PAR PIVOTING ARROW RETENTION This patented, revolutionary advancement replaces fragile bent metal or plastic springs. PAR holds the arrow securely and also provides dry fire protection for added safety.
  • THUMBSAVER Thumbsaver is the world’s first patented auto return hand guard system. The Thumbsaver folds down for precision cocking then automatically returns for full string travel protection.
  • TIME-X CAMS Time-XT cams not only provide excellent energy storage, but also employ precision engraved timing indicators for perfect cam to cam synchronization and “Zero Tolerance” reamed bushings.
  • LO DRAG- FIRE CONTROL TRIGGER The Lo-Drag Auto-Engaging trigger is light, crisp, and safe. Its ALL STEEL construction with exclusive rotary latch creates the fastest lock time on the market for the utmost in field accuracy and long string life.
  • FREE FLIGHT BARREL The Free FlightTM barrel features a unique center relieved portion for perfect arrow flight and is treated with a military spec hard coat anodize finish for durability and is Teflon® impregnated for enhanced string life.
  • MICROMITE RISER Precision CNC machined from 7075 aluminum alloy, the MicroMite is the smallest, lightest, strongest, and most precise crossbow riser on the market. This light weight riser gives the X330 its perfect balance and feel.
  • GRIPPER COCKING STIRRUP Feather weight alloy construction improves balance and is covered with a Thermal Plastic Elastomer (TPE) shield which reduces shock, noise, and vibration.
  • CAMX CUSTOM STRINGS & CABLES CAMX Crossbows are equipped with premium quaility strings and cables with fibers that are meticulously pre-stretched and hand made in America. Powered By Winner’s Choice.
  • ARC 4X32 CROSSBOW SCOPE The ARC features two key technologies: SER (Short Eye Relief) and ARC (Arrow Range Compensation). SER 1 1⁄2” eye relief permits comfortable scope positioning on the CAMX X330. The ARC reticle helps minimize “hold over” and “hold under” in the field out to your maximum ethical range. Compact and lightweight other ARC features include fully coated optics, cross/dot reticle, 1/4” MOA turrets, 50 yard parallax free, independent eye piece focus and is fog proof, waterproof, and shockproof.
  • FOREVER FOR ALL WARRANTY CAMX is proud to stand behind the products we sell. We offer warranty coverage to the original owner within the “product life” of the product. The only components not covered are the ones that with normal use are considered to be wearable and replaceable.
  • RealTree Xtra Camo


  • SPEED 330 - 332
  • Guaranteed KINETIC ENERGY 100.33 FT/LBS
  • POWER STROKE 12.25"

The CAMX Base Package Includes:

  • X330 Crossbow ARC 330 Scope
  • 4 Accuspine Carbon Arrows
  • Black Wishbone Quiver
  • Idler Rope Cocker
  • 4 field points