LOK Limb-Driven Fall-Away Arrow Rest


Product Description


The NEW Ripcord® LOK is a limb-driven rest with the ability to pre-cock the launcher for full containment. This gives you the added stability of a limb-driven rest, with the peace of mind that full containment offers.


  • FULL-TIME ARROW CONTAINMENT-Spot & stalk or windy days, your arrow is always contained until the shot
  • PUSH BUTTON ACTIVATION-Simply push the button to cock the rest to the up position. Bow can also be drawn with the rest in the down position
  • CLICK MICRO-ADJUST-Allows you to move your rest in minute precision increments. With each click move the rest .003” or with each full turn of the knob move the rest .025”.
  • 2X BALL BEARING DRIVE SYSTEM-Double ball bearing drive offers smooth operation for unmatched accuracy and durability.
  • TEARDROP CORD CLAMP-Inline cord clamp makes setting the cord tension easy and allows you to choose where you want the clamp to be. The cord can also be changed out easily.