Code Red Arrow Rest - James River Archery

Code Red Arrow Rest

SKU: 0181511

Model: RCRB-L

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Ripcord's exclusive Arrow Containment System features a special containment arm that holds your arrow on the rest, no matter what! Fall-away technology is all the rage, and for good reason. A fall-away rest will improve your shooting because it reduces the contact between your arrow and the rest and eliminates rest contact with the fletchings or vanes.. Stronger spring for even faster fall-away. Redesigned with plenty of windage adjustment to fit all bows. Machined aluminum construction with fully radiused and contoured edges. Redesigned "Football" clip fits all buss cable sizes. Longer screw makes it easier to install. Shoot from "up" or "down" position. Internal dampers make it quiet. Redesigned cord hold reduces cord wear

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