Mayhem Hunter SDS Fletched Arrows

Mayhem Hunter SDS Fletched Arrows

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ONE ARROW. TWO SPINES. TWICE THE ACCURACY AND PENETRATION WITH LESS WIND DRIFT Twice the accuracy now available in a .203” diameter. A performance hunting arrow engineered with proprietary Small Diameter Dual Spine Weight Forward technology that delivers more speed, more accuracy, even more penetration, and less wind drift. It features our patented BuffTuff® arrow construction for extreme durability and quiet draw.


  • Better Field Point Accuracy 
  • Field Point Accuracy with Broadheads
  • Breakthrough Mechanical Broadhead Accuracy
  • Built in Broadhead Tuning
  • Less wind drift and better penetration
  • Carbon Express Heaviest .203 Small Diameter Arrows
  • 2 times the accuracy vs a single spine arrow


  • Sizes: 250 (10.25gpi & .403 spine), 350 (11.25gpi & .330 spine)
  • Diameter: .271" (250), .278" (350)
  • 2" Blazer Vanes
  • Length: 32.5"
  • Straightness factor: ±.0035"
  • Weight tolerance: ±1.0 grain

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