RL-3 Sight (5 Pin .019)
RL-3 Sight (5 Pin .019)
RL-3 Sight (5 Pin .019)

RL-3 Sight (5 Pin .019)

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Model: BGPDT3

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The RL-3 5 pin bow sight is as simple and dependable as a bow sight gets. This bomb-proof value of a multi-pin micro-adjustment bow sight is constructed to be lethal, extremely lightweight, and able to survive whatever you can throw at it. For those of you seeking the ultimate micro-pin bow sight at an incredible value, the RL-3 is it. 

Pin Configuration: 5 Pin

Weight: 7.5 OZ

Axis Adjustments: 1st and 2nd Axes

Bow Sight Features:

  • .019 fiber optic pin
  • Tool-free locking adjustment knob
  • Precise micro-adjustment windage and elevation
  • Enclosed fiber optic ring
  • 3 mounting points
  • Bubble level
  • Quick acquisition RL sight ring
  • Rheostat Light included
  • Housing OD: 54 mm
  • Housing ID: 44mm
  • 48 mm Lens Capable

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