Velocity Valkyrie XT Fletched Arrows

Velocity Valkyrie XT Fletched Arrows

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Velocity Valkyrie XT is screaming speed with Factory Four Fletch accuracy. The Valkyrie comes Factory Four Fletched with four low-profile vanes for added surface area without sacrificing clearance or speed. That means more back-end stability, faster stabilization, and group size reductions of 20-75% with broadheads. Add to that Gold Tip’s Smart Carbon® technology for unmatched straightness retention and toughness and you get the Valkyrie.


  • Straightness Tolerance: +-.003 in
  • Weight Tolerance: +- 2 gr
  • Recommended Point Weight: 75 - 125gr
  • Factory fletched with 2.75" 4 fletch vanes
  • Length: 32 in
  • Inner Diameter: .246
  • 400 (7.4 gpi), 340 (8.2 gpi), 300 (8.8 gpi)

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