Chill Out with Yeti: The Essential Guide to Yeti Coolers for Every Adventure


Yeti cooler suits your needs best and embarks on your next adventure with confidence, knowing your refreshments will stay chilled and ready for enjoyment.

What is a Yeti Cooler?

A Yeti Cooler isn't just your average ice chest—it's a rugged marvel engineered for adventure! Born from the frustration of two brothers with flimsy coolers, Yeti stands as a symbol of durability and innovation. These coolers aren't just boxes; they're masterpieces designed to keep your goodies chilled for days on end, no matter how wild your journey gets. From camping trips to beach days, Yeti Coolers are your ultimate companions in keeping things icy and fresh.

Introducing the Yeti Cooler Range

Gear up for any adventure with Yeti's diverse lineup of coolers, tailored to fit every need and occasion. Here's your guide to the coolest companions on the market:

Yeti Roadie 24: 

Upgrade your road trips with this lighter, roomier, and thermally superior successor to the iconic Roadie 20. Perfect for solo journeys or cruising on the water, it's a must-have for any adventurer on the go.

Yeti Tundra Series: 

From the compact Tundra 45 to the Tundra haul coolers, this series is the ultimate in versatility. Known for their rugged build and unparalleled ice retention, these hard coolers are your go-to for tailgates, camping trips, and everything.

Yeti Hopper Flip: 

Experience unmatched portability without sacrificing space with the Hopper Flip. Its leakproof design, superior insulation, and tough exterior make it a reliable companion for any rugged escapade. Plus, keep your essentials close with the convenient HitchPoint Grid.

Buy YETI Hopper Flip 18 Soft-Sided Cooler & Flip 12 Portable Soft Cooler

Yeti Tank: 

Take your party to the next level with the Yeti Tank—a powerhouse ice bucket that keeps your beverages frosty for hours on end. No more frequent refills; just chill and enjoy the festivities.

Yeti Silo Water Cooler: 

Quench your thirst on the trail with the Yeti Silo Water Cooler. Built as tough as its counterparts, this 6-gallon cooler ensures your water stays refreshingly cold, no matter how far off the beaten path you wander.

Whether you're planning a weekend getaway or gearing up for a big bash, choosing the right Yeti Cooler is key. Consider your needs for capacity, portability, and intended use to find the perfect fit. With Yeti, you're not just investing in a cooler—you're investing in essential for all your next adventures.

Features That Makes Yeti Stand Out

  • Durability: Built tough to withstand anything nature throws its way, Yeti coolers are crafted from robust materials that laugh in the face of dents, damages, and even bear encounters.
  • PermaFrost Insulation: Keep your cool for longer with Yeti's PermaFrost insulation, a game-changing technology that locks in ice like a boss, ensuring your beverages stay frosty even in the hottest of climates.
  • T-Rex Lid Latches: Say goodbye to flimsy plastic! Yeti's T-Rex Lid Latches are all about heavy-duty reliability, keeping your cooler tightly sealed so your refreshments stay chilled to perfection.

Tips to Keep Ice Longer in Your Yeti Cooler

  • Start with a Chilled Cooler: Beat the heat by pre-cooling your cooler with an ice block before loading it up. Keep it cool to keep your ice lasting longer.
  • Double the Ice, Double the Chill: Maintain that perfect chill by filling two-thirds of your cooler with ice, leaving just enough space for your goodies. The more ice, the merrier!
  • Know Your Ice Temperatures: Cold ice is the name of the game. Opt for dry, below-freezing ice to maximize its longevity and keep your beverages frosty for longer.
  • Cube vs. Block Ice: Mix it up for ultimate coolness! Cubed ice cools faster, while block ice melts slower. Blend them together for the perfect icy balance.
  • It’s Air, The Ice Melting Enemy: Keep things tight to prevent ice from turning to water too soon. Fill any empty spaces with extra ice, towels, or crumpled newspaper to keep the chill going strong.
  • Don't Dump the Water: Hold onto that icy goodness! The remaining water acts as a natural insulator, keeping your ice colder for longer. Just keep your food out of the melt.
  • Shade is Your Friend: Keep the sun at bay to extend your ice's life span. Shade means twice the chill, so cover up with tarps or towels when the sun's beating down.
  • Minimize Cooler Access: Every peek inside means more warm air creeping in. Tape a "cooler map" on top to keep everyone in the loop without sacrificing your ice's integrity.
  • Dry Ice Delight: For hard coolers and ice buckets only, dry ice is your chilly champion. Keep it frosty longer than regular ice and keep your cooler contents frozen solid.
  • Upgrade with Yeti Ice: Boost your chill factor with Yeti Ice. This super-cooled supplement keeps your regular ice from melting too soon, ensuring your beverages stay colder for longer. Check out the Yeti Ice Configurator to find your perfect fit.

Bonus Tip: Keep Ice from Melting in Your Yeti Cooler Using Rock Salt

  • Prep Your Cooler: Fill your hard or soft cooler with cans, bottles, and ice, leaving some room at the top.
  • Rock Salt Magic: Sprinkle a generous amount of rock salt over the ice. This supercharges the cooling process and keeps your contents frosty for longer.
  • Seal the Deal: Close the lid or zip up your cooler to trap in the chill.
  • Time to Chill: Wait patiently for about 30 minutes to let the rock salt work its icy magic.
  • Crack Open a Cold One: Once the time's up, it's time to enjoy your refreshingly cold beverages straight from your Yeti cooler. Cheers to keeping things cool!

Pick Like a Pro: Your Cool Companion Awaits!

Embarking on any adventure—big or small—demands a trusty companion to keep things cool and refreshing. With the essential guide to Yeti Coolers at your fingertips, you're equipped to make informed choices for every escapade. Whether it's the rugged durability of the Tundra series, the portability of the Hopper line, or the ice-extending magic of Yeti Ice, there's a cooler tailored to suit your needs. 

So, as you gear up for your next journey, remember to chill out with Yeti, because with Yeti by your side, every adventure becomes cooler, fresher, and more enjoyable. Here's to keeping cool and making memories that last a lifetime!


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