Your Ultimate Kansas Turkey Season Guide 2024 Mastering with Dates, Tips, Tactics

Turkey season attracts most people to hunting adventures during the hunting season. Turkey hunting seasons are mostly active in the spring or fall, as hunters are seeking turkeys by calling or mimicking turkey sounds, using decoys, or building blinds to sneak on their prey.

Turkey Season in Kansas 2024

Kansas is one of the best options for hunting in the spring season. This state has a special deer season, Turkey Hunting, Waterfowl/Migratory Birds, Upland Game Birds, and more. As per the rules and regulations of the KDWP and the bag limits in place, the hunters are encouraged to take part in hunting activities in the spring season. In this guide, we'll delve into everything you need to know about the dates, tips, and tactics to ensure a successful and fulfilling hunting experience.

Season Dates:

The Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism provides the hunting season month and date details every year. Let’s mark our calendars for the 2024 hunting season. It's essential to stay updated with the dates and instructions provided by the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism. Here are some hunting season dates in Kansas in 2024.

  • Youth/Disabled: April 1-16, 2024 this hunting season in Kansas is a program that offers teenagers and disabled people to experience hunting and other outdoor activities. 
  • Spring Turkey - Archery Only: April 8-16, 2024 in this time the hunters can only use their bows as their weapons. It keeps the hunting experience tough and challenging at the same time.
  • Running: March 1, 2024, till Nov 8, 2024 (24 hours) In this schedule, animals like bobcats, opossums, raccoons, red foxes, and gray foxes are hunted.
  • Regular Season: April 17 – May 31, 2024, open to all hunters, providing maximum timing to participate in one of the most anticipated hunting seasons in Kansas.

Must Carry License and Permit Requirements:

Hunting License: When you are planning turkey hunting, the most important requirement is to have a legal license to participate in hunting activities. The License serves as an authorization by the Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism to hunt within the state. To apply for license please visit this link

Permit/ Stamp: Hunting permits and stamps issued by the Kansas Wildlife Management Agency are required for specific species. The permits are specialized and allow the hunters to take part in big game species or specific hunting activities. These regulations help conserve wildlife populations, protect habitats, and maintain a balance in the ecosystem.

Top Turkey Hunting Tips:

Let’s learn about some tips and tricks to improve your turkey hunting game during the Kansas Turkey Season 2024:

Turkey calling: Observe the turkey’s behavior, you’ll hear that turkey hens mix delicate squeals, whines, purrs, and moans with their clucking and yelping. Always start with a light voice tone and then you can start increasing your sound along with this you should choose the right gadget for turkey calls such as a power call.


  • Easy-to-use all-around call
  • Great range for all turkey sounds
  • Preferred call of Beau Brooks

Select Multiple Spots for Turkeys:  The best method is to find a handful of roosts at the beginning of the turkey season to get multiple areas at the start of the season. Having multiple areas you will be able to increase your hunting success. 

How to Scout for Turkeys: Start scouting for turkey a week before the season starts, this will help you to plan your open day in a better way. Identify the best roosting sites, feeding areas, and travel routes. Identify the signs and droppings that turkeys leave behind, this will help you better understand the target locations. You can find the Turkey roost on the following sites:

  • Hills with old-growth oaks
  • River bottoms with large cottonwoods 
  • Stands of old white pine near mixed hardwoods 
  • Large cypress trees near water (in the South)

Be Patient in the Field: The key to a successful hunt is to stay calm in the fields and wait for the right time. The turkeys often gobble during the mornings, which becomes the best time to take a clean shot. If the gobble does not happen then don’t lose hope just wait patiently the birds make rounds very often, find the best spot to hide, and take charge when required.

Invest in the best clothing: Hunting clothes designed with high quality and effective camouflage patterns help to blend easily into the surroundings, making it quite easy to stay undetected by turkeys. The hunt time can be long so hunters must invest in EQUINOX TURKEY clothing by Sitka Gear made up of breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics that keep hunters comfortable and dry.

Turkey decoy: Turkeys are very social birds and can be easily attracted by decoys placed as they seem as their companions or competitors. This works as a distraction for all approaching turkeys, which allows hunters to take a clean shot. If you want to get the most out of the hunt always go for a realistic-looking turkey decoy like 


  • Strutting Gobbler Decoy
  • B-Mobile™ Silk Fan
  • 90′ Pull Line
  • Mobile™ Series Fan Holder
  • Mobile™ Series Ground Breaker Decoy Stake
  • Carrying Bag

Putting Safety First in Turkey Hunting: During the hunting season knowledge of the field and the precautions that a hunter must take before heading for the hunt is essential. Always create a checklist of rules and regulations provided by the Kansas Wildlife Management Agency that contains knowledge of bag limits, hunting seasons, timings, and firearm restrictions.


Gear up for this turkey season in Kansas with our Hunting Season Guide 2024. You can find all information about the animal behavior, tricks, precautions, and ways to perform a successful hunt this season. The most important factor is to learn about the ecosystem and respect the wildlife. Hunters between 16 and 74, all residents and non-residents must have valid licenses for turkey hunting or other specific species hunting. Keep all these factors in mind and enjoy a successful Hunt!!

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