Head-Loc 6 Arrow Quiver

Head-Loc 6 Arrow Quiver

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Model: 975-BLCK

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Most quivers add noise and vibration after the shot. Head-Loc quivers work to kill noise and vibration with its unique mounting system. The over-all low-prole design allows the quiver to sit close to the bow, improving shot balance and reducing the chances of catching branches while stalking through the woods.


  • Holds 6 arrows.
  • The Head-Loc rubber compression technology acts as an isolator between the quiver and the bow, greatly reducing noise and vibration
  • The Exo-Flex hood is extremely quiet, lightweight, and also has superior absorbing properties over traditional plastic.
  • The hood accepts fixed and expandable broadheads.
  • Power grip double spreader to hold arrows secure with out deployment of mechanical broadheads.
  • Color: Black 
  • Type: Bow Quiver

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