Limbdriver Pro V Arrow Rest (Mathews Edition)

SKU: 6997118


Right Hand

This is a Mathews-specific Limbdriver Pro-V arrow rest that features a “Mathews-only” mounting bracket. It is available in Black Tactical only. Not shooting a Mathews? Check out the Universal Limbdriver Pro-V. This Vaportrail Limbdriver Pro-V package also includes mounting hardware, an activation cord, an arrow holder, a limb pad, and a cage moleskin.

The Vaportrail Limbdriver Pro-V arrow rest revolutionized the archery industry by becoming the first-ever limb-driven rest with a full-capture option, an adjustable spring tension, and a free-floating launcher arm. By supporting the arrow for 70% of the shot cycle, the Limbdriver Pro-V allows the arrow to reach the speed needed to stabilize itself before being pulled away, adding an obvious increase in accuracy and performance, especially downrange. During this support, the free-floating launcher arm and adjustable spring-tension pair up allowing the archer to fine-tune the performance even further to their liking. The Vaportrail Limbdriver Pro-V package also includes mounting hardware, an activation cord, an arrow holder, a limb pad, and a cage moleskin.

Color: Black with Black Launcher Arm


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