PSE Ultrarest Integrate MX Arrow Rest

PSE Ultrarest Integrate MX Arrow Rest

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PSE teamed up with Quality Archery Design (QAD) to introduce the all-new Ultrarest Integrate PSE Arrow Rest. This compact, micro-adjust rest was designed specifically for PSE bows with a dovetail mounting system for quick and easy setup while providing a secure hold. The streamlined housing allows for precision tuning with .0019 thousandths of an inch adjustment per click, both horizontally and vertically.This rest is made in America and backed by QAD's limited lifetime warranty.


    • Total Containment - When you're drawn back and need to let down, the arrow remains fully contained.
    • Anti-Backlash - Remove slop from the threads. Every click is an adjustment-no guessing!
    • Lock Down - Drops and locks down, zero bounce back, zero fletching contact.
    • EZ Clamp - No Serving required; quick, easy cord adjustment.
    • Safety Break Away - When launcher is forced down, it will safely break away to prevent damage or injury.
    • Anti-Vibration - Cambrake and dampers kill noise & vibration.
    • Micro-Click - For each click, the rest will adjust .0019 of an inch.
    • Velocity Drop-Away - High-tension spring drops the launcher for clearance at over 400fps.


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