Retriever Pro Combo Kit


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The fastest, most convenient way to start bowfishing today! Use your own bow or one of ours. Everything else you need to get started is in this Combo Kit! AMS Combo Kits have everything you need to get started in the great sport of bowfishing using your existing bow. Our kit includes the AMS Retriever Pro with 200lb Dacron line, AMS Tidal Wave Rest, two of your favorite AMS Bowfishing fiberglass arrows with our Patent pending, heat treated Cyclone Tips and the "Between the Banks" DVD. Only right handed combo kits available with this packaging.


  • Includes AMS Retriever Pro Reel with 200lb. Dacron Line
  • AMS Tidal Wave Rest
  • Two AMS bowfishing fiberglass arrows with Cyclone Tips
  • "Between the Banks" DVD
  • Right Hand Only

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