XD Pro B Reel With Button

XD Pro B Reel With Button

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Combining a bomb-proof stainless steel spin-style reel with an integrated reel seat the new Muzzy XD Pro B is poised to make your next bowfishing excursion a success. The stainless steel and brass internal drive-system components and new elongated hood design join to deliver ultra-smooth line feed for increased accuracy and better retrieval. The integrated reel mount system features one-bolt installation and a light-weight, but extremely secure system for mounting the reel. The reel’s push-button activation system is both smooth and easy-to-use. Spooled with 150 feet of 150 pound Tournament line, this system is perfect for bowfishermen seeking to take aim on big fish.


  • Elongated Hood Spin-cast Style Reel
  • Gear Ratio of 3.4:1
  • Integrated Mount
  • Push-Button Activation
  • Pre-Spooled with 150' of 150lb Tournament Line

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